When getting your braces off, there are several things to expect. First, it is important to schedule your appointment for a day when you have time to rest afterward, as your teeth may feel different. However, it is also important to not set your hopes too high, as appointments can be subject to change and teeth may still need more time.

It is crucial to continue your cleaning routine after braces removal, as neglecting to do so could result in white scars or spots on your teeth. During the appointment, expect to spend around an hour as the cleaning process after removing the braces may take some time.

There may be some odd sensations during the removal process, such as cracking or popping sounds and minor discomfort or pressure. Additionally, the dental cement or glue used to attach the brackets may be removed with a scraping tool, which may feel uncomfortable.

After the teeth are clean and smooth, a retainer will be made to help keep the new smile in place. Wearing the retainer is crucial for maintaining the new smile.

Finally, enjoy your new smile! However, it is important to continue maintaining dental hygiene and wearing the retainer to keep the new smile looking great.

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